New Rebranded Renault Models Coming to Mitsubishi Motors

April 29th, 2021 by


The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, known as the Renault-Nissan Alliance prior to the addition of Mitsubishi in 2016, has had a lot of recent developments lately. Following the digital press release discussing new business strategies and upcoming vehicles from the Alliance in May 2020, we are seeing inklings of possible concepts, but all overseas, such as the Mitsubishi Airtek in Shanghai. But way back when the Alliance first added Mitsubishi to the pack and signed papers, there was a lot of talk about how Mitsubishi would benefit from resources within the newly formed Alliance. So far, we’ve seen Mitsubishi flying solo, aside from the new micro EV car by Mitsubishi and Nissan in Japan. Recently, the Alliance announced that Renault and Mitsubishi Motors will begin moving forward with cross-platform sharing as well, and by 2023, Mitsubishi Motors will have procured two models produced by Groupe Renault.

This should be interesting to see. Overseas, Mitsubishi Motors is doing well in some markets more than others, but to aid in its competition in European markets, Renault will be lending a hand. Two models from Renault, currently best-sellers on the European market, will be rebadged and redesigned to reflect the Mitsubishi brand’s DNA and styling, as well as the new Dynamic Shield for the front fascia, while still being the same platform and the same vehicle under it all. They’re calling these new models “sister models” that will give Mitsubishi Motors a competitive edge going forward.

“I am very happy to see Mitsubishi Motors building a new line-up in Europe. The Alliance aims to enhance competitiveness and enable more effective resource-sharing for the benefit of all three companies. Our approach is collaborative, relying on mutual respect, with a clear intention to boost the performance of each company, allowing individual companies to capitalize on their own strengths, avoid duplication of resources and improve efficiencies.” – Jean-Dominique Senard, Chairman of the Alliance Operating Board and Renault.

Two vehicles have emerged from the Alliance meeting in 2020. The new strategy goes likes this – launch vehicle A in region X, and if vehicle A sells well, then sell vehicle A under a new name in region Y, and then Z. Eventually, every automaker in the Alliance is selling the same vehicle. The first vehicle to appear was a micro EV car from Nissan and Mitsubishi, a micro car able to provide over 120 miles of range and cost about $14,000. Like this vehicle, another vehicle that will be sold exclusively overseas is the Mitsubishi Airtek, revealed at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. This has a better chance of being “vehicle A” in the equation above. However, the automaker didn’t give much information with the reveal.

The two new sister models Mitsubishi will be adopting and adapting from the Renault Groupe are not a part of this equation. Although the two models have not been named, one of them may be the Renault Clio, the best-selling vehicle in its category in Europe with 227,079 units sold and adding nearly one point to the Renault brand’s market share of 7.7-percent. This is a supermini car in the B-segment of automobiles but has been a winner since its launch. If so, let’s hope it doesn’t also get stuck overseas.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Renault/Nissan/Mitsubishi Motors