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Welcome to University Mitsubishi Parts Department and Speed Store

University Mitsubishi is dedicated to delivering high-quality service to all car owners. That means delivering genuine OEM parts to our customers whether they’re planning a DIY auto project, need repairs at our dealership, or want to improve their car with new accessories or performance parts. Whatever the reason you need parts for your Mitsubishi or any other make or model, the, University Mitsubishi parts department works with all of our customers to make sure they get the right product at a fair price.

When you want speed, talk to us directly about Evo 8, Evo 9, and Evo 10 crate motors that you can drop into any project car that you’re building. University Mitsubishi also has performance parts for Mitsubishi’s and classic muscle cars, including restoration parts and services.

University Mitsubishi offers Mitsubishi Genuine Parts, and our customers have access to the latest specialized technology and precise analysis from Mitsubishi trained technicians who undergo regular and frequent training so they’re always up-to-date on every component of your vehicle. In addition to the knowledge, all of our techs work hard to ensure the proper and high-quality parts are pre-owned in every vehicle repair or upgrade.

Whether you’re in need of routine maintenance or repairs to get your vehicle working properly again, or you want some extra accessories for your vehicle, University Mitsubishi has the parts and knowledge to help you get what you need and want. If by some chance your vehicle requires a part we don’t carry, the University Mitsubishi parts department has many resources to track down any part and get it installed quickly.

Mitsubishi Genuine Parts and Accessories

Mitsubishi Genuine Parts are designed and manufactured to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance for Mitsubishi vehicles. If you’re looking for gray market parts, this is not the place. Mitsubishi owners looking to upgrade and modify their Mitsubishi with genuine Mitsubishi OEM parts have an array of Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories to spruce up a vehicle. When Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories are installed by a Mitsubishi dealer, the parts are covered by the balance of the Mitsubishi new vehicle limited warranty or for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever is longer. Just ask us for details about how to secure this limited warranty.

Parts for Maintenance and Repairs

Once you visit University Mitsubishi, you no longer need to worry about vehicle service. We keep our customers informed with work cost and time estimates as soon as we have identified the cause of a problem.

Ordering Parts

When ordering parts for a personal project, customers can conveniently place an order for parts online and wait for our call to pick it up, or they can place their order at our store in Davie. If there are any questions on how to get started, don’t hesitate to contact our parts department directly, and a friendly parts associate or parts manager will assist you with the request.

Car Restoration and Extreme Modifications

In addition to routine maintenance and repairs, University Mitsubishi also has a car specialist, Mark Leslie, who is able to complete full car restorations, extreme truck and Jeep lifts, wheels, tires, off road lighting as well as advanced engine modifications to boost engine performance. Leslie has decades of experience restoring and modifying cars and he has worked on all types of performance vehicles ranging from race cars, classic muscle cars to modern muscle cars. We also perform complete brake and suspension upgrades so your classic car will stop and handle like a modern muscle car. Leslie can assist you in finding parts for your own custom project or he can source them and install them for you.

Contact Us

The University Mitsubishi parts shop is conveniently located at in Davie, Florida and our customers are always greeted with a friendly face! Please use the buttons below to order parts or contact our parts department. The University Mitsubishi parts shop can be reached by phone or email and is open six days a week.

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You can also learn more about some of the most popular parts below.

Popular Parts for the South Florida Environment

Car Battery

Heat is damaging to car batteries because the heat causes the internal liquid to evaporate faster, so University Mitsubishi replaces and services a lot of car batteries during the summer months. If your vehicle’s car battery isn’t working or seems to be losing power, bring it into University Mitsubishi and we can check the electrical system to make sure all of the power is being utilized. If your vehicle is in need of a new battery or any parts related to the car battery, University Mitsubishi will quickly and affordably replace the necessary parts. We can perform battery replacement and testing on all makes and models, not just Mitsubishi.


It is recommended that a vehicle’s tire tread be a minimum of 4/32” to ensure that water can escape through the tire’s grooves. If your vehicle needs one new tire or four new tires, University Mitsubishi will replace your tires with all weather tires that will last and keep you safe on the road.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are essential to a driver when driving through rain and overtime windshield wipers wear out. Luckily replacing windshield wipers or windshield wiper blades is an easy and affordable.

Exterior Car Lights

To ensure drivers can see other vehicles on the road during the rain, the state of Florida requires headlights and tail lights to be turned on any time a vehicle’s windshield wipers are on. So if your vehicle’s headlights or taillights are not properly working, drivers not are at risk of not being seen by other drivers as well as getting a citation. University Mitsubishi can order parts and install exterior car lights for all vehicles.

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