Summer Car Care Tips for Your Mitsubishi

July 17th, 2020 by


It’s the summer! Although the pandemic is still making waves and cases are going up, wear those masks people, that doesn’t mean your precious car will go untouched. When the stay-at-home orders started lifting, the first thing people wanted to do is get out and be anywhere but home. At University Mitsubishi, we had you covered with tips for a road trip in a post-quarantine world. Now that summer is in full effect, and it only gets hotter in South Florida, vehicles everywhere are being exposed to the harshest element of all – the sun. Here are some tips for taking care of your vehicle during this summer, even if it’s just sitting in the driveway.


Any good car requires some maintenance now and then to keep it in tip-top shape. This can be anything from an oil change and topping off fluids to replacing brake pads or worn tires. Of course, during this time, some people are wary of taking their vehicle to a mechanic or a shop, not knowing if employees are practicing safety and if their vehicle will become a hotspot for infection. No need to worry though – Do-It-Yourself Car Maintenance is only a click a way with our article on “Regular Car Maintenance You Can Do in the Afternoon”.

Consumers can do a number of things when it comes to maintaining their car on their own. Replacing spark plugs, the air filter, and even the fuel filter are fairly easy to do alone. The most difficult, which we still recommend a professional to do, is the oil change. Not only can that cause quite the mess, but it requires you to prop a car up with a car jack and get underneath, and not everyone can handle being under something that can crush you if it were to fall. Luckily, most vehicle chassis don’t come all the way to the ground, but still, ouch.

Be Proactive

With the sun beating down all day, unless it’s raining, another weather element the “Sunshine State” is well-known for, your car sitting out in the driveway is going to start cracking and looking pale before you know it. Keeping one’s car clean and applying a layer of wax every once in a while (recommended at least once a month), can help protect your car’s paint job from sun damage. Some car owners will even go so far as to purchase a spray-on product that can act as a second layer of wax on the car to keep it shining for weeks. Really, any clear film that helps to protect from scrapes and cosmetic damage is a nice choice.

Keep it Clean

Our car is performing well and it’s looking good, but what about the interior? Could is use the help of a vacuum or some gloves and sponge? Cleaning the interior will also help prepare a vehicle for the summer. Why? Because once you clean the interior cabin, you’re not going to be so lenient with people tracking in sand, mud, and whatever else. If you tend to have these visitors, it’s a good idea to keep some water bottles, disinfectant wipes, and towels in the trunk. Easy peasy.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Mitsubishi