Tips and Tricks to Childproof Your Car

April 12th, 2017 by

University Mitsubishi Kid Proofing Car

Listen up moms and dads, because this one is for you. You have kids in the car on any given day, and your once-clean car has become a graveyard of fast food containers and lost G.I. Joes. At the end of the day you tell yourself you’ll clean it up, but you don’t, because it’s just gonna get messy again. What if we could tell you a few car hacks to make the clean up easier?

Spotless Cabin Floor

This one is tricky. How can you easily keep the cabin floor clean? Four words: rubber mats and towels. How is it that nobody thought of this before? Rubber mats are cheap and easy to clean. With some fixed measurements and the right tools, that’s a quick Do-It-Yourself with a large rubber mat. Just cut it so that it fits the floors of the cabin nicely. To go up a level, put a beach towel under the seats as an extra layer to catch the crumbs and spills before they hit the mat. Weather-proof mats are another option if a DIY project isn’t your forte.

Keep Them Busy

Now, most vehicles today have some form of Blu-Ray/DVD player or entertainment system. Those can keep kids busy for a few hours. However, unless you’re in the market for a new car, we’ll tell you what you can do with the car you have. Let’s give them an activity center.

You will need: a shower organizer or similar item, and a clean cookie tray. Anyone who has been on a plane can see where we’re going with this. In the cabin of most vehicles, it is pretty easy to recreate the seatback of a commercial airline plane. The cookie tray is to provide a hard surface to play on. The shower organizer can hold crayons, markers, pencils, a sharpener, tissues, paper, and whatever else you know will catch your child’s attention for the trip.

Clean Console and Everything Else

Alright so the floors are covered, the kids are busy, what are we missing? The seats, the center console, and the rest of the cabin. The seats, front and back, can be kept clean of muddy shoes and dirty clothes with seat covers, especially padded ones for the back if a kicker is in tow. Most auto shops will have car seat covers in different designs if looking to assign your child seats with their favorite cartoon or book character.

To keep the console clean, primarily the cup holders, here’s a neat trick. With all the gunk and dirt and spills and really just how nasty these things get, who thought of the idea to line them with cupcake holders? Someone was either desperate or a genius baker, because that is probably the most ingenious tip in here. For child proofing the rest of the cabin, car-safe foods and drinks are the way to go for meals and snacks, and teach the kids some responsibility, like taking all their toys, games, or whatever out of the car once home.
Some of these tips for kid proofing a car really stand out, and some may have been obvious. We know there’s more tips and tricks parents use, and we want to hear them.

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