The Eclipse, the Horse, and the Cars

August 31st, 2017 by

University Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Horse

Did you catch the sight of the Great American Eclipse last week? A shame if not, it was quite the spectacle in the sky that afternoon. However, there is one eclipse that many of us can still experience, and not just once in a lifetime. There’s also the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, and so far it’s here to stay.

It’s a bit tough to really describe what happened on the afternoon of August 21, 2017. The moment the Moon eclipsed the Sun, it was enough to make many astronomer lovers giddy. Some said it looked like the Death Star from Star Wars. Others cheered as the skies transitioned from sky blue to royal, and eventually darkness. As if a hole opened up in the sky, all there was left was the corona of the Sun and the shadow of the Moon.

Breathtaking is what it was. Whether seen for a few seconds or the total two minutes, that once in a lifetime event was worth the hundreds of miles some people drove to get a good look at it. Now there’s another eclipse on the horizon, and this one may stick around.

We had a look at the Eclipse Cross during the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March, and when news about the crossover first started to spread, we all had our jokes about how the new Mitsubishi crossover was named after the actual eclipse, when really it was a crossover version of the original Mitsubishi sports car, the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Still, with a solar eclipse happening this year, and the photoshoot (picture seen above) Mitsubishi had during totality, it’s hard to really shake off the obvious publicity stunt to garner attention for the new crossover.

The original Mitsubishi Eclipse however wasn’t named after the celestial event. It’s true. The sports compact car, although produced between 1989 and 2011, was actually named after an undefeated 18th-century British thoroughbred racehorse that won 18 races. The horse was actually born during the 1764 solar eclipse, the event transpiring across Iberia and Scandinavia on April Fool’s Day.

Interestingly enough, the racing career of the horse didn’t last very long. Not due to any health reasons, but because the horse won every race, able to gallop at 60 mph, a feat not very common among race horses. After several races over the course of a little more than a year, the owner of the Eclipse horse was fed up with every gambler in town betting on it and winning. So the brute sold Eclipse to a meat farmer – ouch.

Before that untimely end, word got around about the horse, and its name popped up everywhere. A magazine that covered the society among horse racing had an article on Eclipse, the horse was raced in a high-stakes British horse race, Eclipse won awards at the “Oscars of horse racing”, the main building of London’s Royal Veterinary College was named after the horse, and of course, the Mitsubishi sports car was also later named after the horse as well, the Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Mitsubishi Motors was aiming high when they came out with the sports car. Although the Mitsubishi Eclipse was discontinued, at least in the U.S., several years ago, the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will likely take over the name and the legacy. Modern, following the trend of the auto market (crossovers), and just the tip of new technology in automobiles, the Eclipse Cross has a bright future ahead of it.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Media.Mitsubishi