Prepare Your Car for Springtime

April 27th, 2018 by

University Mitsubishi Springtime

Is your car ready for the spring? It’s not too late, we have a bit of time left before pollen floods the atmosphere and hay fever becomes your new roommate. Between home and the office, the car is sometimes the only sacred space a driver has to get away from it all. Shouldn’t it also be able to protect the driver from the elements? Here are some tips and ideas for getting your car ready for the spring and impending summer.

Do a 360-degree Inspection

Get the car checked out in every way possible. As the days get hotter, many of the car’s components will be working harder, and that can lead to serious damage if not cared for properly. Get a diagnostics test on the engine and powertrain of the vehicle and make sure the cooling system is working in good condition to keep the engine cool. While checking out the powertrain, replace any other fluids that may be necessary to keep the vehicle lubricated and running smoothly. That includes wiper fluid.

While on the subject, maybe it’s about time for new wiper blades. We all ignore this practice. Unless we need to use our wipers, we forget they’re even there, and when we do need them, as long as they work then that’s good enough. Wiper blades are typically only good for six months though, and being that the rubber can wear down quickly in the winter months, getting them changed out would be best.

Another component worth replacing would be the cabin air filter. As noted, with spring comes pollen, and if you want to keep your car a safe haven from allergies, then fresh air is essential. All of these practices should be taken care of every so often either way, but definitely take the initiative before we enter the summer.

Pregame Protection

Why not take the initiative? If reading this during the fall or winter, now is the perfect time to prepare one’s car for the meltdown of spring and the heat of summer. Look into getting the windows tinted. That’ll help in keeping the interior cool and help keep it from heating up while in stasis – that doesn’t mean the cabin is cool enough to stay in when the car is off! Remember, leaving people and pets in hot cars is dangerous and can be deadly.

If window tinting isn’t in the budget, collapsible sun shades always do the trick. They fit on the dashboard and block the sun from heating up the cabin through the windshield. The rest of the car will be on its own, and that’s why investing in a steering wheel cover and some seat covers can help keep the interior a little more comfortable. Plus, some of these can help someone customize their car with a bit of personalization.

Also look into protecting the exterior as well as the interior. Giving a car or truck a good wash when the sun isn’t too hot or bright would be a good chore to take care of early on. If dirty, rinse it down before scrubbing to get rid of coarse or harsh materials. Then scrub away and clean that car. Apply a paste wax to form a barrier between the clear coat and nature’s elements. This should be done every 6 months or so. In between these applications, use a quality quick wax product to help ensure the protection of your car’s paint is being maintained.

Have a Backup Plan

Okay, so we have the car protected inside and out. We have all the cracks and corners covered, is there anything else to check? What if we take the friends to the beach, or bring the kids to the park? That’s a lot of sand, a lot of dirt, and a lot of ways that nice vehicle cabin can get mucked up quickly. Think about keeping some towels and water bottles on hand; don’t use this water for drinking, just cleaning (unless an emergency), to make it easier to clean up before getting into the car. Never hurts to be a little prepared.

Have any other ideas for protecting one’s car for the impending warm months, wherever they are? Let us know on University Mitsubishi social media.

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