Nissan-Mitsubishi Set to Build New Cross-Brand EV Platform

December 22nd, 2016 by

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Wow, the news for Mitsubishi just keeps getting better with the recent Nissan-Renault merger. We knew there was a lot to gain for each party, but we did not think they would start pulling sources together so quickly. We probably won’t see a Nissan-Mitsubishi car any time soon, but so far, the concepts and designs sound worth the wait.

A few weeks back, we discussed the new Lancer by Nissan-Mitsubishi. Built upon the Nissan-Renault CMF platform, the Lancer will be built with interchangeable parts, such as the engine bay, cockpit, front underbody, rear underbody, and electrical. This way, it will have parts by Nissan-Renault more easily accessible, and if any components or systems work better on one than the other, it’s easy to switch out and improve upon the original vehicle.

Now, we have some more great news. Mitsubishi may be crushing it with PHEVs, like with their upcoming Outlander PHEV GT, but their electric vehicles (EVs) lack a little luster. Well, the next EV to come from Mitsubishi’s factory will be built upon the Nissan’s Leaf EV platform. Not only that, but it will be based on a new generation of the platform that won’t be released until 2018, a whole year of perfecting EV platforms efficiency.

Moreover, because EV platforms are a bit expensive and can only be used for electric vehicles, the costs can be a tad high. Like they say, any investment needs to have a certain profit to make it not only worthwhile but profitable. The numbers on the Nissan Leaf aren’t clear, but the i-Miev has struggled a bit to break even. This time around, the i-Miev may be built on the Leaf EV platform, or might be a new vehicle altogether. Furthermore, Nissan-Renault is looking to cut the cost of making the Nissan Leaf EV by 20 percent by sharing the motor, inverter, and battery between the three automakers.

Overall, it’s a smart move, and goes to further increase the possibility of improving upon one brand’s vehicle by placing it on an already efficient platform.

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