Mother’s Day Gifts to Make Mom’s Daily Commute Better

May 9th, 2017 by

University Mitsubishi Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is coming up. This year maybe you’ll want to skip on the brunch or flowers and get her something that she will use everyday — something that will make every time she is in the car better and more pleasant. Here are a couple suggestions your mom might love.

Heated Massage Cushion

Unless her vehicle already has comfy, heated leather seats, getting a heated massage cushion is an affordable way to make mom’s vehicle and drive a little more luxurious and comfortable. If your mom lives in South Florida, be sure to look for a cushion that doesn’t require the heat and massage function to be on at the same time because that could be a little much. And, although Florida might not get very cold, when it does we need all the warmth we can get, and your mom will be very thankful.

Infotainment or SiriusXM Subscription

What does everyone love? Choices. While in the car, that may be something simple like choosing what music to listen to, or apps that will make a car ride all that much more enjoyable. Infotainment systems like Uconnect and UVO eServices are becoming more popular every year, offering everything from making phone calls easier to music streaming and more. Plus, SiriusXM and similar products offer affordable subscriptions so mom can listen to any kind of music at any time (as long as the reception is good).

Cell Phone Car Mount or GPS

Does anyone keep paper maps in their glove box anymore? Today, most people have smartphones with GPS apps pre-installed, but you know what would be great? Getting a cell phone car mount so mom doesn’t have to keep glancing down at her phone and risk causing a car accident when trying to find out the next turn to make. You could also surprise her by installing or activating (pending on the model) GPS navigation in her car, either through the automaker dealer or a third-party (as long as the car has a touch screen).


Now this is something worth checking out. HomeLink has been around for a bit, and it’s becoming a popular vehicle-based wireless control system so owners can control smart appliances and electronics in the house. This is better than your average garage door opener, although HomeLink can do that; connect up to three devices, such as the home security system, exterior/interior lighting, and more. Now if only it could turn off the stove …

These all are pretty convenient, most are affordable, and they’ll be sure to make the daily commute better. Now there’s just one question to ask. How much do you love your momma?

Photo Source/CopyrightL; Labetskiy Alexandr