2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross New Technology

July 3rd, 2017 by

University Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The release of the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross still feels so far away, but each time we get another look at what’s to come, we just want it even more. When it first debuted at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show, we were impressed. The latest video from Mitsubishi Motors shows the technology in the Eclipse Cross, and we’re excited again.

All That New Tech

During our first-look at the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, we found some interesting stuff. Most notably above it all was the new Mitsubishi infotainment system. We’re really psyched about this, and it’s a little ironic. We recently covered the smorgasbord of systems that make up the current infotainment system in Mitsubishi vehicles, and now they’re teasing us with the potential of the Mitsubishi Connect.

The infotainment system isn’t so much built into the dashboard as it kind of pops up from it, established at the top of the dash for easier viewing while keeping one’s eyes on the road. The screen is 8 inches, but it’s not a touchscreen. A little different, but one actually navigates the system with a touchpad near the gear shift. Regardless, it’s shaping up to be as modern as infotainment systems like Uconnect and UVO eServices, starting with a home screen that can lead into apps, the radio, Bluetooth audio streaming, making phone calls, or just playing music.

A heads-up display (HUD) is also pretty neat, and not often seen in vehicles today. For those of you that play video games know what a HUD is; for those that don’t, a transparent screen will rise from the dashboard behind the steering wheel and display pieces of information important to the driver, such as the odometer. It may be problematic for those with poor eyesight or focus, however. Either way, it’s another great feature for keeping one’s eyes from drifting around the dashboard. With a little muscle memory, all one needs to do is push a button, and they can see their speedometer, cruise control speed if set, and more.

Nice to See You Again

There are also some features from other models coming into the new Eclipse Cross. For one – smartphone link display audio, or making use of Apple CarPlay. It’s unclear whether Google Android Auto can also be used to stream/play music, but with Apple CarPlay, the driver can access phone calls, their music, maps, text messages, podcasts, audiobooks, just like one would with a basic iPod or iPhone. At the moment, based on the video below, Android Auto can be used for voice-command navigation and bringing up Google Maps, another nice feature to see on this crossover.

We’re also seeing some more modern safety features not found on many vehicles by Mitsubishi, so far with only the Mitsubishi Outlander up-to-date. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross comes with adaptive cruise control to set a cruise speed but adapt depending on the car in front of the driver, lane departure warning to let the driver know if they’re absent mindedly exiting their lane, blind spot warning to let the driver know if another car is approaching from their blind spot, and super all-wheel control (S-AWC). We’ve seen S-AWC on other Mitsubishi vehicles as well, and it’s great to see it back. So without further ado, let’s watch the new video.

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Photo Source/Copyright: CarWow.co.uk