2016 Mitsubishi Geoseek Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

March 7th, 2016 by

This year Mitsubishi saved their concept cars for Europe’s first major auto show, the Geneva Motor Show, rather than presenting them at the big American shows earlier in the year. It’s likely that was a strategic move by Mitsubishi since the brand has a low-key presence in America, but booming business in Europe.

At the show, Mitsubishi revealed the two 2016 versions of the Mitsubishi Geoseek. Intended to appeal to adventurers by incorporating a more outdoorsy look, the Geoseek is available as a pickup truck or SUV. The official names of the vehicles are, the L200 Geoseek for the truck model, and ASX Geoseek for the SUV model, which was largely inspired by the Mitsubishi Outlander.

To make the Geoseek look and feel a little bit more rugged, the vehicle comes in solid gray and has orange accents on the vehicle’s rims, exterior mirrors and running boards. Both versions of the Geoseek will have the option of three engine choices and two or four-wheel drive.

Changes to the vehicle’s interior include seats made from a soft and durable suede-like material with a mesh center panel and orange accents. Additionally, the AXS has an elegant panoramic glass roof that creates unparalleled open air feature that can be electronically closed or opened.