Uncommon Traffic Violations

March 16th, 2018 by

What are the worst type of traffic citations? The ones you never see coming. From new laws in the state of Florida to ones that have always existed, but few people know about, we’d like to go over some of the most uncommon types of traffic tickets drivers can get in the state of Florida. We’d like to keep you as a driver informed and as a reader entertained.

Right Turn Too Wide

Many drivers fall victim to simple traffic violations like a right turn too wide. Yes, that’s correct. Any time someone turns from the right lane onto a two-lane street, they must continue heading in the same lane they are in. This allows vehicles to be able to continue their normal (faster than a turning car) speed in the left lane. Violations like this one are often forgotten by larger SUVs, less experienced drivers, older forgetful drivers (always) and those that simply don’t know better. Don’t let that be you!

Following An Emergency Vehicle

So, there’s a public vehicle like a firetruck, police or emergency vehicle with their lights on and their siren blasting to move other vehicles out of the way. It’s your lucky day as you decide to follow them, well that’s illegal and if that particular police car or emergency vehicle wants, they can get you a ticket for following behind them. Even though a driver might think they are keeping up with the flow of traffic, following emergency vehicles with their lights on is an offense. Try to not be too clever out there.

Texting While Driving

Driving while texting? Leave your phone alone or get in the 21st century with a vehicle that can provide a proper infotainment system that accommodates modern driving with Bluetooth, voice to text commands and other features that allow for hands free driving. Consider this the next time you drive as more and more drivers have been sited with this distracted driving ticket. There’s no text message that’s ever going to be more important than driving properly and paying attention to the road ahead. Currently, texting while driving is a secondary offense, which means you would need to be breaking another law (a primary offense) in order to get pulled over for texting and driving. However, there is currently a bill “in committee” that would make texting while driving a primary offence. This means a violator could be pulled over and cited for that infraction alone.

Driving Too Slowly

However, if you’re worried about the flow of traffic there’s a new traffic law you might love. For drivers in the left lane on a highway, if you’re moving too slowly expect a ticket. Lawmakers have recently passed a law and police are starting to strictly enforce this law designed to decrease traffic jams. Hopefully more and more drivers learn it’s not a good idea to drive slowly in the left lane. Know the rules (#5). A ticket for driving too slowly is definitely one you don’t want.

As many vehicles are added to the roads every day in the State of Florida, there’s more and more traffic violations given out. However, the commitment towards improving drivers is also a daily focus for lawmakers, local police and state troopers. Check out this website full of reminders for the more common tips about awareness and defensive driving. We like doing our part, too and as licensed drivers, it’s encouraged to stay up to date with new traffic laws and remember old ones.

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