RISE, MIVEC and CVT: Mitsubishi’s Advanced Tech

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RISE. MIVEC. VVT. CVT. If you are shopping for a new Mitsubishi model, you’ll definitely come across these four acronyms when checking out the specs. Mitsubishi vehicles are carefully engineered and those four terms relate to unique systems made by Mitsubishi Motors. Want to know more before purchasing a Mitsubishi? Here is what each of those terms means.


MIVEC is a type of VVT engine technology developed by Mitsubishi Motors and it is used on all Mitsubishi engines. The acronym stands for “Mitsubishi Innovate Valve Timing Electronic Control System.” But before you can understand MIVEC, you need to know about VVT.

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) is the process of altering how often a valve lift event occurs. How frequent and how long the lift event takes place can have a large impact on engine performance. This process is ever-changing, depending on engine speeds and conditions, and a vehicle with variable valve timing technology has improved performance, fuel economy and emissions.

Because it is based on VVT design, MIVEC operates in a similar fashion. MIVEC controls the frequency a valve lift event occurs and the timing of air flow intake and exhaust and it increases power and torque output over a range of various engine speeds. This process helps Mitsubishi engines and transmissions with turbochargers accelerate faster.

Mitsubishi’s unique MIVEC system was the first VVT system to be used in a car diesel vehicle.


While on the subject of Mitsubishi Motors technology, Mitsubishi also has taken extreme safety measures when building its new body design – RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution). The new body and chassis are designed to absorb energy from impacts more efficiently while keeping the integrity of the cabin as high as possible. The back and front have crumple zones to absorb energy, the cabin is made of high tensile strength materials, and the center pillar has been reinforced to minimize cabin deformation and protect passengers during side impact.


CVT stands for “Continuously Variable Transmission” and it is an excellent and innovative type of transmission that is used by a range of automakers and it is available on all Mitsubishi models (except for the electric i-Miev). CVT is a type of automatic transmission that can change through gears without that HURR HRURRRR many of us probably remember from older cars.

CVT allows the input shaft, or the mechanism that delivers power to the gearbox, to maintain a constant rotational speed. In laymen’s terms, the input shaft rotates at a certain speed at various gears, and CVT allows it to maintain this speed while switching gears. Ultimately, it enables the engine to run at its most efficient speed for a range of output speeds.

In addition to those advanced systems, Mitsubishi vehicles offer drivers an excellent driving experience backed by an industry-leading 100,000-mile or 10-year powertrain warranty.

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