Protecting Your Car in the Cold

November 15th, 2019 by


Ah, the cold fronts are starting to make their way around the country, and although Florida rarely ever gets any kind of snow, the cold weather still brings plenty of cold rain and the effects that come with it. Fogged up windows, chilled engine components, and that weird sound that only happens in the winter when the brakes need some drying up. Taking care of your vehicle in the winter is just as important as it is in the summer. Some helpful car tips and regular maintenance will keep your vehicle happy.

Keep Some Socks Handy

Really, this one is all about socks. Socks have multiple uses in an array of situations. Need to warm up your feet? Socks. Did someone step in a puddle and their shoes soaked through? New socks. When it comes to the winter, keeping a few pairs of clean socks in the glove compartment is a smart move, and not just for keeping feet warm. Socks also make for breathable packages to stuff with kitty litter.

Never heard the trick? Putting kitty little in a vehicle that is exposed to the cold air overnight will keep from fogging. The kitty litter absorbs all the moisture. That’s another problem we all face. When windshields fog up, grabbing some hot water may not work very well – but a sock? Socks absorb moisture and can clean that windshield in no time.

Keeping the Car Covered

It rains all the time in Florida, no matter the month or season. Although cars are built to withstand the rain, what about the cold? Ever walk down the street and feel a gust of wind chill and you shake down to your bones? Just think about how that is affecting your car.

We won’t get too cold of weather down here in South Florida, but the cold does put stress on the inner components of the vehicle. In the winter, many drivers out there like to hop in the car and blast the heaters. That’s a quick way to drain the battery and end up stranded on the highway…in the cold. Speaking of the car battery, keeping it free from corrosion in the winter isn’t always easy. Pop the hood and check the battery regularly for any sign of a white powder around the terminals. If there is evidence of this, you’ll need a special cleaning spray and a cleaning brush to clean off the gunk.

Keeping the car covered up is a well-known practice for many consumers, mostly to protect the car from the sun and heat. The practice still holds well in the winter. Keeping the car covered up can help avoid many of the problems above. And speaking of coverage, always do some routine maintenance in the winter season. Checking the vehicle for all fluids, getting an oil change, and checking the brakes are all boxes that need to be checked during car maintenance.

There is a lot of vehicle maintenance you can do yourself, or you can bring it to our service center at University Mitsubishi. We work with all vehicle brands and will bring your car to tip-top shape. Stop by University Mitsubishi and get your car ready for the cold.

Photo Source/Copyright: Mitsubishi