Mitsubishi Unveils Autonomous Driving Tech

March 30th, 2017 by

University Mitsubishi Autonomous Driving eX Concept

Jeez, Mitsubishi is really surprising us all lately. Who knew an automaker about to go under had all these surprises in store? The Eclipse Cross that debuted at Geneva got a lot of attention, Mitsubishi Fuso recently teased an all-electric commercial truck line, and now Mitsubishi is unveiling its own autonomous driving technology. In a time like this we gotta ask why they didn’t break out the big guns sooner? Mitsubishi might stand on its own legs after all.

Surprisingly, this tech wasn’t developed by Mitsubishi Motors, but actually their sibling company, the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. We talked about all of the other Mitsubishi brands, including the commercial truck brand Mitsubishi Fuso that recently announced production of an all-electric truck. Now for the newest announcement – Mitsubishi just unveiled its own autonomous driving technology. Remind you of anything? How about the eX concept a couple of us were hoping for before the Eclipse Cross stole the spotlight? It seems this intelligent car was just making a pit stop.

Based on artificial intelligence (some of which will debut in the car itself), Mitsubishi’s autonomous car technology will make use of the company’s own Mobile Mapping System (MMS) to develop and interact with a 3-D map of the driver’s surroundings in real-time. The goal is to implement the MMS to constantly offer updated information such as traffic signals, surrounding vehicles, and other variables for safe, highly precise autonomous driving.

The artificial intelligence in the car will work in tandem with the MMS to extract and recognize data as precisely and as quickly as possible to act and react accordingly. Unlike industry standard map creation, this technology will work 10-times faster, which can greatly improve the autonomous car driving experience altogether. If all goes well, this may be the next crossover we see, and a new electric vehicle to boot!

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