Mitsubishi Motors SUVs Are Reliable and Last for Thousands of Miles

December 14th, 2023 by


Mitsubishi Motors models are known for their reliability and long-living powertrain. Thanks to the Mitsubishi Motors basic limited warranty for 5 years/60,000 miles, a powertrain limited warranty for 10 years/100,000 miles, many of their vehicles can keep on going for years and years. Even vehicles we no longer see in the states have been known to last, like the Galant, Montero, and Endeavor. Mitsubishi Motors’ old flagship vehicle, the Outlander, still outshines the rest of the lineup, new and improved when its next-generation model dropped in 2022. Mitsubishi consumers are also a testament to how well Mitsubishi SUVs can be, according to these testaments by a loyal consumer.

Letha Grubb, a resident of Springfield, Missouri, is the owner of a 2010 Mitsubishi Endeavor. Any car over 13 years is bound to have some issues, but Grubb managed to drive it for much longer than expected. A used car in 2010, the Endeavor already had 200,000 miles on it – way past the powertrain limited warranty. Still, according to Grubb, she only needed to replace the thermostat, tires, and brakes since then. She’s also racked up an additional 100,000 miles driving across Missouri to visit her family. Apparently, the love for Mitsubishi Motors runs deep.

“My son is a Mitsubishi owner. He had a Galant. Now, he has a Montero. It’d be hard to get him to get anything else. He’s pretty smitten with that SUV. Based on his experience, we were confident that the Endeavor would serve well. This is my first Mitsubishi, and I’m pretty pleased with it. I have no doubt that it would get us from here to wherever we want to go.” – Grubb

There’s no guarantee that every Mitsubishi vehicle could last for 300,000 miles without fail, but this gem is one for the history books. Every new Mitsubishi Motors vehicle comes with the above warranty coverage, plus a five-year/60,000-mile Limited Warranty, five-year/unlimited-mile Roadside Assistance program, and a new two-year/30,000-mile Limited Maintenance. The last one was just added for the 2024 model year, providing consumers with three oil changes, three tire rotations, and one cabin air filter – all free. It’s a good thing Mitsubishi was named the top mass-market brand in J.D. Power’s 2023 U.S. Customer Service Index (CSI), because consumers would be crazy not to cash in on the warranty coverage and maintenance a Mitsubishi dealership can provide.

The Montero, Galant, and Endeavor may no longer be available in the U.S., but consumers can still find the award-winning Mitsubishi Outlander and its new flagship, the Outlander plug-in hybrid. A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) can be a great step towards an electric powertrain for consumers wary about charging up. Plug-in hybrids still majorly rely on gasoline, but have the option of charging up to offer an all-electric range (AER) – the Outlander PHEV offers 38 miles on a full charge. The total driving range is 420 miles with a 100-percent charged battery and a full tank. Enhanced with Mitsubishi’s evolved Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) system, it can also handle a variety of road and driving conditions to keep the consumer in control. Equipped with all the great features of the Outlander, the Outlander plug-in hybrid comes with Mitsubishi Connect™ for a more consumer-connected experience, an 8-inch smartphone-link display, AM/FM radio, Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto, Bluetooth Wireless Technology, and other great features that can be found standard across the lineup.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Mitsubishi Motors