Mitsubishi Motors Announces “Momentum 2030” Business Plan for North America

May 22nd, 2024 by


For years now, Mitsubishi Motors has been pitching ideas for visions of the future but not producing anything new. The last in-house model we saw for North America was the Eclipse Cross, and since then, the automaker is holding onto the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV as the savior of the lineup. Although the company may be a little slower to produce, it’s a master of playing the slow game and strategizing. In the span of a year, Mitsubishi Motors announced a business strategy in 2023 for the halfway mark of the decade, “Challenge 2025”, and then in 2024, the “Momentum 2030” plan.

Mitsubishi Motors North America is breaking this down into four points:

  •       Electrification
  •       A renewed and expanded product lineup for Mitsubishi Motors North America
  •       A modernized retail sales model
  •       Network expansion and sales growth


Soon after Mitsubishi Motors invested in Ampere, a new medium SUV would be coming to the Mitsubishi lineup, most likely some form of electrified vehicle. Mitsubishi is known for its plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) technology with the Outlander PHEV model, but for years has teased the ideas for some really great battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). Bringing a new blend of powertrains – hybrids, PHEVs, and BEVs – Mitsubishi Motors wants to expand the electrified options in its lineup.

Expanding Mitsubishi Motors North America

It feels like we’re never getting anything new with all the announcements for new models over sales, like the Mitsubishi xForce or the Mitsubishi Triton. With the discontinuation of the Mitsubishi Mirage to make room for new models, Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) has set a goal of releasing at least one new model every year between 2026 and 2030. These could be the new medium SUV, the pickup truck Misubishi and Nissan are working on, or one of the many concepts it has gathering dust. Sharing the PR about “Momentum 2030” also shined some light on some old ideas.

The Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer was once a new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) that was supposed to replace the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV before it was renewed in 2022. Not just a PHEV, the Engelberg Tourer was also advertised as a portable battery that could connect to a futuristic solar-powered house called the Dendo Drive House. This is one of many examples of Mitsubishi Motors presenting futuristic ideas that have yet to become commercialized.

Another concept, the Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept is supposed to bring back the high-performance days of Mitsubishi Motors with electrified options. The glory days of the Mitsubishi Colt and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and overseas already got a Mitsubishi Colt with a hybrid option. Next up could be the new e-Evolution concept.

Ralliart and the Aftermarket

Known for the likes of the Lancer Evolution, Ralliart is the high-performance team behind Mitsubishi Motors sports cars. Recently revived, although the team would no longer have a part in Mitsubishi Motors production vehicles, aftermarket sales of parts and merchandise are still possible. Ralliart may become the new retail brand for Mitsubishi Motors and upcoming “Mitsubishi Design” dealerships setup to customize and upgrade Mitsubishi vehicles. Then again, a Mitsubishi Ralliart Concept got the greenlight for 2024.

Expand Network and Sales with Tech

Expanding the availability of Mitsubishi Motors models to consumers all over the world is one way to expand an automaker’s network and sales with exposure to new clients. Another great way to do that is to go digital and meet the consumers of today on a level playing field with a more tech-savvy sales model. If augmented reality is the cool thing now, imagine going into a dealership and getting a virtual reality experience with a vehicle before you even get behind the driver’s seat.

We’re interested to see how “Momentum 2030” plays out for Mitsubishi Motors, and especially MMNA. Follow along with us on University Mitsubishi social media.

Photo Source/Copyright: Mitsubishi Media