Mitsubishi Mi-Tech Has A Gas Turbine Engine

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The Mitsubishi Mi-Tech is considered the buggy of the future. What makes the Mi-Tech concept a bit of a wild concept? It doesn’t have a roof or any doors.   

If you keep up with auto shows, then it should come as no surprise that a Mitsubishi SUV concept will be there. Look no further than the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show (October 24 – November 4), where the Mitsubishi radically styled Mi-Tech is set to debut. The Mi-Tech combines a controversial design in a small SUV package.    

The Mi-Tech idea is “to imagine the buggy of the future, complete with a new interpretation of Mitsubishi’s bold “Dynamic Shield” front fascia with copper accents,” says. The grille on the Mi-Tech is flanked by T-shaped headlights which send out high-tech vibes. The square wheel arches on the vehicle attract a lot of attention when looking at its side profile.     

The 2019 Mitsubishi Mi-Tech Concept:

The exterior design is busy; the interior takes the minimalist viewpoint as it gets rid of a lot of the buttons and switches. On the Mi-Tech, you’ll get a digital instrument cluster and a display that benefits from the augmented reality tech. There is also a keyboard-like switch that sits on top of the center console and the nifty handgrip, which doubles as a hand pad whenever the driver wants to use the controls on the dashboard.    

The gas turbine develops a “powerful output for its size and weight,” and it can run on alcohol, diesel, and kerosene. As for the gas turbine, the engine is part of a plug-in hybrid system that works with an intricate four-wheel-drive system with electrified brake calipers. The Mi-Tech has four electric motors that create an electrified four-wheel-drive system. 

Does Mitsubishi want to try anything new when it comes to Mi-Tech? Mitsubishi doesn’t have any plans to lose the smooth characteristic of an electric car. That’s why Mi-Tech runs solely on automatic modes or hybrid modes. 

Mitsubishi is bringing what they are calling its next generation of advanced driver-assistance technology- Mi-Pilot. So what Mi-Pilot actually do? That is still of a mystery as Mitsubishi is staying mute on the subject for the moment. 

Mitsubishi’s detailed technology displays some relevant information across the windshield. Talk about a vehicle with some future technology tendencies. The information is presented from a series of sensors and it sounds like it could have an off-road-focused system as the system can also operate the steering wheel and brakes.              

For the time being, there are no plans to put the Mi-Tech into production. However, Mitsubishi has said that the electrification technologies will be applied to future compact and midsize SUVs by 2022. Plenty of time for Mitsu to perfect any kinks and for more information to come out on the vehicle.   

What does Mi-Tech stand for? It’s a combination of a name. The “M” stands for “Mitsubishi,” (of course), “I” is for “intelligent,” and “Tech” stands for technology.

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