Mitsubishi Electric Introduces a New Lighting System

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The Mitsubishi Group is much more than a giant umbrella for an automobile manufacturer; in fact, the group is comprised of many independent Japanese multinational companies spanning over a variety of industries. One of those core companies is Mitsubishi Electric, a major manufacturer of electric and architectural equipment based in Tokyo, Japan. Mitsubishi Electric recently made the news thanks to their newly-introduced lighting system that mimics blue skies, sunrises, and sunsets. How can this possibly relate to Mitsubishi Motors you may ask yourself? These tech innovations with lighting are only the beginning; in the future, the Mitsubishi brand may choose to expand this feature and place it inside their vehicles as a way to help people combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) while on their commutes.

What’s SAD and How Does Light Therapy Help?

SAD is a type of depression that correlates with the changes in seasons, predominantly during fall and winter when the sunlight we receive is incredibly limited. Common symptoms include sapped energy and an increased propensity to mood swings. Light therapy has been deemed an effective way to treat SAD by exposure to artificial light. Lightboxes, as they’re called, mimic natural outdoor light that has demonstrated an ability to affect brain chemicals that are linked to mood and sleep, thus, easing SAD symptoms.

The Mitsubishi Electric Lighting System

Thin panels and frames measuring less than 100mm make up the new lighting system that incorporates an edge-lit method that emits LED light from the sides to mimic the depth of natural light and colors of the sky. Although only introduced via press release, for now, the new technology will make its official debut during the CEATEC JAPAN 2018 exhibition later this month, with the commercial release date still pending. With this new lighting system, Mitsubishi Electric is tapping into the modernization of the workplace – the importance of creating comfortable and motivational environments by enhancing the lighting in office buildings or floors that have covered windows or lack them altogether. Unlike conventional LED lighting systems, Mitsubishi’s new system produces a highly natural light whose colors are similar to those of blue skies, sunrises, and sunsets – adding depth and a broad sense of space to make indoor spaces feel more open.

Main Features

The edge-lit panels emit LED light from the sides, intentionally mimicking the sky’s Rayleigh scattering effect – when sunlight strikes atmospheric air molecules during daytime and essentially scatters short-wavelength blue light making the sky appear blue when seen from below. Comparable to conventional light fixtures, these panels can be arranged like tiles to cover large ceilings. To replicate the colors of both sunrises and sunsets, the LED light source colors are automatically controlled throughout the day to replicate these natural light transitions.

Like we mentioned earlier, this type of technology will likely become a more commonly-integrated feature in cars in the future. It’s no secret that commutes to work have been getting consecutively longer in that past 30-40 years, and the more time we spend inside a car, combined with the time we spend indoors within the confines of the office aggressively limits how much time we spend outdoors in natural light. In the future, automakers can easily include these panels inside a car as a healthy and beneficial feature to counter the excessive (not to mention increasing) amounts of time spent indoors and away from the natural world.

Check out how the panels work below:

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