More Helpful Gadgets for Your Summer Road Trip

June 16th, 2016 by

We hope you liked part one of our Helpful Gadgets for Your Summer Road Trip series. Last time, the gadgets we talked about were more car-oriented and didn’t really extend past your automobile. So this time around, we’re sharing a couple of gems with you that offer a little more mobility (haha get it?)


Some (more) Gadgets to Make Your Road Trip Easier


SteriPEN Traveler – This is a great gadget considering how many illnesses travelers experience are due to dirty or toxic water. The SteriPen Traveler kills bacteria and germs with UV rays, able to purify almost any water source you may find.

luminAID – If you’re on campgrounds, or simply just need a light, you can always get a luminAID, an inflatable, solar-powered lamp.

Lumopack Charger – Not all portable battery packs are built the same. The Lumopack Charger charges up in six minutes and can fully charge your phone in thirty minutes. Now that’s fast.

Netgear Around Town – Want to stay connected but without paying all those fees? Say hello to the free Wi-Fi hotspot that can keep up to ten devices connected to the internets.

Autonet Mobile Router – Another one, for those of you that love to stay connected, the Autonet Mobile Router is perfect. Connect to a 3G network even if you’re 100 feet away (goes up to 150 ft.), and get even better reception by mounting an antenna on your automobile.

Mophie Spacestation – This isn’t your standard external hard drive. This baby holds up to 128 GB, can sync devices, and is the perfect entertainment device when traveling with kids and sightseeing gets a tad boring.

Casio PQ15-1K Travel Alarm Clock – Nearly everyone has a phone or some sort of device with an alarm clock. But, if you’re stranded without electricity and need to get up early, you may want a device that’s main function is acting as an alarm clock is its #1 purpose.

Minipresso – For those of who need that coffee fix, the Minnipresso is a lightweight miniature espresso maker. All that is needed is hot water and the goods, and coffee is on its way to delivering that morning kick.

The Coolest – This is an all-in-one cooler that has a blender for smoothies (or something harder), a USB plug, a Bluetooth speaker, and built-in plates and a cutting board for serving up some grub.

AcousticSheep SleepPhones – Do you have trouble sleeping but aren’t a fan of taking a pill? Have you tried using music? This soft headband can play music while blocking out ambient noise and still lets you sleep in a comfortable position.

We hope you like the second installment of “Helpful Gadgets for Your Summer Road Trip”. We’ll have another coming one coming up next week for you beach lovers and happy campers. Until then, feel free to share any other helpful gadgets with us in the comments!

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