Need Tips for the Virus Outbreak Lockdown?

April 3rd, 2020 by


With South Florida in a pseudo-lockdown until mid-April 2020, and maybe later depending on how the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak goes over the next few weeks, we’ll know for sure. For now, a lot of Floridians are worried about surviving two weeks of being cooped up in their homes or stuck with the kids that should be in school or losing that precious social contact that most human beings need to keep them sane. Here at University Mitsubishi, we try to help the community when we can, so we’ve gathered up some tips to help everyone get through this lockdown.

Stock Up

Yes, stocking up on canned goods, meats and vegetables you can freeze, and cheese, juice, and milk with a long-shelf life are all number one items to get at the grocery store. Medicine and paper products are also important, but seriously, don’t be one of those people who walk out with five packages of toilet paper. Get only what you think you’ll need.

Establishing a Routine

Next to stocking up on necessities for a few weeks, establishing a routine is the very next to-do on the list. For everyone who works during the day, goes to school or class, and isn’t used to being home while the sun is still out, the first few days may be a little tiresome or even challenging. Although it may not sound like much, establishing a routine, even keeping up your usual daily routine, can do wonders for those not used to being indoors for long periods of time. Do you wake up at 6 am every day to eat breakfast and get ready for work? No reason to stop – losing that structure is the first thing to drive someone up the wall.

Stay Clean

Many people went out and purchased protective face masks and disposable latex gloves as soon as possible. Some can still be found online, but if you need to go out and get groceries or medicine, have some sort of sanitizing spray or wipe you can use for the cart. Some people are going out like it’s Halloween to protect themselves and their faces.

Always wash your hands and keep them clean, this is the number one way to keep from getting infected and slowing the spread of the virus. Did you just blow your nose? Wash your hands. Did you cough or sneeze and covered it with your hands? Wash them. Wash any clothes that you may wear outside while you’re at it, there’s no telling what contamination they get. Wash your bedsheets, too, if you haven’t already!

A Lockdown Doesn’t Necessarily Mean To Stay Inside

Although the word itself seems intense, a lockdown doesn’t mean people have to stay inside their homes or go looking for a bunker to take shelter in. This isn’t the apocalypse, it’s just a very aggressive virus that humans have never encountered before. You can still go outside and take a walk, get some sun and fresh air. Exercising and keeping those endorphins flowing will help keep a smile on that face, and just because the local gym is closed doesn’t mean you can’t workout at home. Try some yoga.

A lockdown also doesn’t mean zero social contact. Social distancing is a good practice, but when it comes to living with roommates, unless someone is sick, there’s no need to sit on a beanbag chair just because someone is already on the couch. Plus, having someone to talk to every day can be helpful. For those living alone, stop texting and actually call someone. You can do it. Plus, hearing a familiar voice is much more soothing then words on a phone screen.

We’ll get through this. Stay strong and stay safe. We’d love to hear any more tips or ideas others in lockdown would like to share. Chat with us on University Mitsubishi social media.

Photo by Sandie Clarke on Unsplash