Move Over Law Month

January 11th, 2017 by

University Mitsubishi Move Over LawYou see the aftermath of a car accident on the highway. You get mesmerized by what you see. Without knowing it, you’re gliding over and BAM! You’re now a part of that accident, and may have killed someone trying to save a life.

January is “Move Over Law Month” to remind people to follow the law when there is an emergency vehicle, utility vehicle, or sanitation vehicle pulled over on the side of the road.

First responders are the most important people to arrive at the scene of a car accident. These people will cut and literally tear apart a car if someone is trapped inside. Once freed, medical treatment is immediately applied, and it’s during these moments a person on the scene can save someone’s life. Adding to the situation in a negative way will only make it worse and harder for first responders to do their job.

Although not a well-known “law”, it is required to either slow down or move a lane over when passing a car on the side of the road, be it involved in an accident or pulled over. Just like when passing a construction or school zone, there will more than likely be people outside of the steel framed vehicle protecting you and your passengers and they will not survive getting hit at 60 mph, to put it bluntly. If in this situation, it is the law to move over to the next lane from the incident without interrupting traffic flow. If not possible, then the next move is to slow down. In this case, the law requires that you slow to a speed 20 mph below the posted speed.

Doing this an easy way to avoid an unnecessary traffic ticket. It’s also a way to avoid causing another accident, injury, or death. If at the scene of an accident, it will take some of the stress off the people involved to know they themselves aren’t a few feet from imminent doom.

Please remember to move over or slow down when approaching/passing a vehicle on the side of the road or a construction zone.

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