More Information About the Mitsubishi Airtek Concept

June 18th, 2021 by


In April 2021, during the Shanghai Auto Show, Mitsubishi Motors revealed a concept in the works. Known as the Mitsubishi Airtek, there was little information on the new concept. At this time, the Airtek concept is only meant to sell in the Chinese market, but automakers are known to test in certain regions before going global. Based on the new business strategy in practice by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, one automaker will release a new model, and depending on its sales, the other two would follow and sale in their respective regions. Could Mitsubishi Motors be releasing the first all-electric vehicle of the Alliance?

We know it’s an electric vehicle, but whether this is the new Mitsubishi Motors model we’ve been waiting for is uncertain. After the release of images of a Mitsubishi Model that never made it into production, the Starion 4WD, the internet is exploding with theories that the next model to be released by Mitsubishi Motors will be the resurrection of the beloved Lancer Evolution. Oh, if only! Regardless, the Airtek is the most solid concept we’ve seen so far, and the Japanese automaker just leaked the production model for all to see.

An electric vehicle, the Mitsubishi Airtek has no need for the standard functional grille. This offers the automaker and engineers to design a new front fascia that wears the Dynamic Shield front design being worked into future model design DNA. With Mitsubishi Motors to buy and rebadge a popular Renault model in the coming years, we will see more of the future of Mitsubishi Motors new style. As mentioned, an electric vehicle (EV) has some flexibility with the grille, and for the Airtek, an inverted “L” shape gives the electric SUV a bit of a chin, some real jawline.

It’s surprising that this is supposed to be an SUV. With its compact look and aerodynamic lines, this could easily be mistaken for a compact crossover or large hatchback from the above angle. Plus, a simple but sporty aesthetic has found its was into the design of the exterior and interior of the Airtek concept. Striving for more and better tech, the Airtek also features a dashboard with a large digital instrument cluster and a large touchscreen in the center console, possibly powered by the new infotainment system powered by Google and Mitsubishi Motors.

The powertrain specs have also been released. It’s an electric motor, no surprise there, but we are a bit surprised that Mitsubishi is only selling the model with a single rear electric motor capable of generating 135 kW, or about 180 horsepower. Previous Mitsubishi concepts and models using electric motors have had at least two, such as the Outlander PHEV and the MI-TECH concept, but despite the low horsepower, the driving range isn’t half bad. Available in two sizes, the battery powering the electric motor can drive the car for 310 miles for the smaller model and 400 miles with the larger model.

Is this the EV model coming from the Alliance? We highly doubt it, but it’s nice to see Mitsubishi Motors releasing a new EV model. The Outlander PHEV is showing its age, and although the automaker has been discussing its replacement, the Outlander PHEV has lasted this long because it’s a hidden gem. You can learn more about the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV at University Mitsubishi.

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