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There have been several teasers for the Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer, but this time you can see a profile. Although you don’t see a clear pattern, it’s enough to heighten the spirits of those wanting any news on the Engelberg Tourer. Mitsubishi has plans on unveiling the Electric SUV concept at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

The image concept for the Tourer looks much like a sporty crossover. There’s no way to determine its size or footprint, but in terms of the SUV’s shape and exterior, the image is quite revealing. From the image, you can see that there’s a roof box on top of the vehicle, but there’s no mention of whether it may come as an option on the crossover.

With the help of technology, was able to photoshop an existing image and bring more details to life. One of the design choices is the extra thick D-pillar with a verticle line next to the side windows. Other features are the creases over the wheel arches that suggest there are fender flares where before there were none. The fender vent is what clearly states that the crossover has an electric powertrain.  

For more information on Mitsubishi’s e-volution debut at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show make sure to check out the piece we wrote. Fred Diaz, president, and CEO of MMNA had this to say about the e-Evolution: “The e-Evolution is far more than just an auto show concept vehicle. It is the embodiment of what Mitsubishi Motors will become, what we will stand for, and the type of vehicles we will bring to our customers very shortly”.

If this vehicle looks familiar is because of Engelberg Tourer has something from another Mitsubishi model. It offers the plug-in hybrid powertrain in the Outlander. Like the Outlander, the Engelberg Tourer features Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC), which adjusts stability control to help the driver from crashing and not to worry, it also offers eco-friendly options for charging.

The vehicle also has solar panels, a bidirectional charger, and a stationary home battery pack. That will allow owners to charge both the SUV and the battery pack only using the solar panels and avoiding the grid electricity completely. Talk about saving money and potentially reducing emissions.  

The Dendo Drive House (DDH), which is the solar panels featured, can be beneficial as it allows charging from your house to your car and vice versa. Aside from opening the possibility of living of off-grid living, it could also serve as a backup in case of a power outage. Another scenario is that the car can charge itself overnight, and then it can power your AC during the day, but that scenario will only work if you’re not going to use your vehicle during that time.      


The Tourer takes MMC’s Twin Motor PHEV system that was developed in the Outlander PHEV. Using next-generation electrification and all-wheel control technologies, it evolved it into a more desirable vehicle motive force system. With the combination of the PHEV system and connected car technologies, it will allow the Engelberg Tourer to be driven in all weather, rain or snow, and all types of roads with greater confidence.


The next-generation crossover SUV has the large capacity drive battery fitted beneath the floor in the middle of the SUV. It uses the twin motor system that locates high output, high-efficiency motors at the front and rear while providing plenty of cabin space that allows for three-row seating. As for the engine, it is a 2.4L gasoline unit designed for the PHEV system. When it’s in hybrid mode, the engine will act as a high-output generator achieving a high regeneration rate, while the massive displacement will make for quiet operation and excellent fuel mileage.  

High efficiency is not the only thing the PHEV system offers. The Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer also uses detail low-consumption technologies like the radiator grille shutters to tone-down the drag. With the Tourer, it has an EV cruising range of over 70km and when it’s all locked and loaded, it has over 700km.

You can search our inventory of a similar model with the same powertrain, make sure to check out the Outlander at University Mitsubishi. Make sure to stop by for a test drive and see if this model and make is the car for you.

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